February 25, 2016

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet Review

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full Face Helmet Matt Black
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A helmet which comes in different sizes and colors to choose from, anyone could rely on the qualities of the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike, in Matt Black, to give the motorbike lovers and enthusiasts (primarily the working variety) an edge over high-speed motorcycle travellers in terms of safety and comfort riding. This motorcycle helmet had come a long way from an ordinary one to a more sophisticated piece of engineering which gives every day motorcycle riding people more chances of living safely and conveniently.


1Storm Motorcycle Helmet comes in various sizes and colors; each has its own amazing features every rider had dreamed of. The 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip-up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full Face Helmet Matt Black is one among the Top 10 motorcycle helmets on this category.

Finding a more robust, shiny finish and glossy, this brand is more promising as it appears. Since the introduction of this product in the Amazon online store in March 8, 2015, the product received tremendous patrons from the riding public. Its effectiveness and ergonomic design really speak for itself.

Motorcycle helmets are made to protect riders from head injuries or death resulting from accidents associated with motorcycle riding. This type of helmet is proven to avoid loss of lives by minimizing the effect of injury that may be sustained by the rider in case of vehicular accidents such as collision, sliding and other similar ones during motorbike riding.

These kinds of helmets come in various makes, such as half-helmet, open-face or ¾ helmet, modular or flip-flop, off-road or motocross and full-face type. The 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike is of the modular/ flip-up type which is one of the most sought-after types by motorbike enthusiasts.

The modular/ flip-up type is the integration of the full-face and the open-face helmets designed for street use. 1Storm truly deserved to be praised for this design, where most users are police officers on patrol, delivery guys on wheels and other related jobs which require most of their time on the street, thus the name. And they don’t take the risks associated with their job; they prefer the type of helmet that suits their needs.

However, the design, materials and characteristics are more advanced than the regular type used by the above users years ago. To find more of the difference in style, functionality and durability of the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet compared to old models of yesteryear, just keep on reading to know more of this new generation modular type of motorcycle helmet:

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full Face Helmet Matt Black

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full Face Helmet Matt Black

Product Features

1. Top-of-the-line Modular/Flip-Up and Double Lens Design

The advance design regarding modular/flip-up motorcycle helmet is quiet amusing, wherein the movable chin bar is designed to give riders the convenience and utmost comfort while doing their duties. Its chin bar could be raised upwards when needed as it is pivoted from its lever. This helmet is also consisting of two visors, one clear (for night ride or the absence of sunlight on your way) and one tinted, for eye protection against UV rays.

2. US DOT and CAPA Certified

This product conforms to standards set by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA). These certifications are in accordance to the product’s safety standards for the first certification while the second one is for quality seal to meet product standards for fit, anti-corrosion property and component materials which are both required before the product is sold to the public.

3. 2 X 2 Vents

The 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Helmet has two vents above the shield opening and two more below, making the total number of vents at four. These vents give the interior of the helmet air circulation when the face shield and the chin bar are in action, enabling the rider to breathe fresh air while on the run.

4. Quality Materials

This motorcycle helmet’s shell is made from thermodynamic thermoplastic alloy, which is so durable and tough enough to protect the rider’s head during collision. This lightweight material is comfortably rugged but soft to the feel and as plastic materials are really light compared metals. But this is no ordinary plastic; it is synthetically reinforced to give the helmet the toughness and durability to withstand major collision.

The interior padding (wrapped by an odorless and soft fiber) is thicker than other brands giving the rider the softness and safest rides. Additionally, this padding could be removed and wash.

5. Elongated Chin Bar

Modular motorcycle helmet as this product, has an elongated chin bar constructed in such a way that it protrudes from the rider’s chin. This gives an additional protection as this part will absorb the brunt of the impact during collision. Aside from being lifted upwards, this chin bar could stay up as long as the rider wants.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable to Wear Glasses Inside: Riders with problem on eyesight could wear their everyday glasses beneath the helmet if they wanted so. This 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet has enough room for additional gear for the user.
  • Ideal for Cold Weather: Since the helmet’s padding is thick enough, wearing it during cold weather is an absolute relief. The fiber used in this helmet is known to be emitting heat when it is cold outside and vice-versa.
  • Full Face Access: Riders could eat, drink and have conversation while wearing the helmet on standby mode. The chin bar could be lifted upwards while the rider is not running to have some talk with friends or peers and do some stuff like taking coffee or a pair of burger. The face could be widely seen when doing this.
  • Can Manually Actuate Lever While Wearing Thick Gloves: Since the sunscreens have locking levers, riders who use thick gloves can still actuate it easily without the hazard of being confused while running.


  • Increased Wind Drag: An increase in wind resistance (drag) is observed when using an open curve of the chin bar and face shield which this helmet has. However, majority of users of this type of helmet opt to travel in average speed, and it is one of the safest ways to travel.


Riders on every day average speed travel will find console on the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet as it will give them the added safety during their tour of duties. Even on cold or hot days, wearing this helmet will give them the ease and comfort they want. The shell is made of durable plastic, with soft and durable fabric as its interior, plus a much thicker padding which gives the rider the lightness and coolness during sunny days, but it gives more heat when cold weather is upon them. Basically, the 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet is made up of two useful sun visors, use separately depending on the outside situation.

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