March 19, 2016

5 Record-Breaking Motorcycle Racers

 We live in a very fast-paced world. We crave everything that is fast. Innovations in the world of technology are there to aid us in our daily living to pave way for faster results. Sending messages is as quick as a heartbeat. Gone are those days wherein we wait days for our snail mail to arrive.

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In the world of racing, all you can expect from motorcycle racers is speed. It is all about the fame and glory once you cross the finish line. It may seem easy for a passing bystander but motorcycle racing takes a lot of endurance and character. Training to become a motorcycle racer is an entirely different story on its own essence.

The following people have surpassed all sorts of training and other challenges offered on the track. These legendary racers did not just break the rules in the world of racing but they are also considered as living legends.

  1. JOEY DUNLOP aka The King of the Roads

At an early age of 19, he was already exposed in the world of racing. He won the Tourist Trophy (TT) race 17 times. He even won the TT Formula 1 World Championship for 5 consecutive years. After all of his achievements, he was awarded with an MBE. But, the King of the Roads is not only a legend on the track. He has been reported to have shown charity works making him an ultimate fan favourite.

He even has a superstition. He loves TT so much that he makes it a point to travel by boat to the Isle of Man. However, this almost led to a tragedy as the boat sank on one of its voyage. Aside from this particular superstition, he has another peculiar habit of wanting to arrive on a race all tensed up.

To top it all off, he got the Enkalon ‘Rider of the Year’ award many times. That is why he truly deserves to be voted as the greatest Northern Irish sportsman of all time.

  1. MIKE HAILWOOD aka The Best Motorcycle Racer Ever

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9 world championships, 76 Grand Prix wins and 14 Isle of Man victories is the major headline once you visit his official website. At the age of 21, he was awarded his first World Championship. For his achievements, he got the British Empire Medal for all of his contribution in the world of motorcycle racing.

However, the story of his fame ended tragically. He had a car accident in Birmingham, England and ended his renowned story in racing. Nevertheless, the services he offered in racing will forever be his legacy for the younger generation – a legend that they will idolize for a lifetime.

  1. VALENTINO ROSSI aka Doctor

It is still somewhat a mystery as to why he affixed ‘Doctor’ on his name. But, in one of his MotoGP documentary, he shared that it was because a doctor is respected by everyone and he wanted to experience this wherever he goes. This level of playfulness makes him a very down to earth person who does not let fame get into his head at all.

He even became the youngest GP champion who won this race at a young age of 16. But, it did not stop there. He conquered one MotoGP race after another making him worthy of the title as being the most dominating rider in the modern era.

  1. KENNY ROBERTS aka The American King

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Being the first American to have won the Grand Prix is very prestigious. He also won the A.M.A Grand National Championship twice. He even won the A.M.A. Grand Slam. Truly, he earned it to be hailed as the King of motorcycle racing.

His story did not simply stop there. His advocacy is to increase safety standards among motorcycle racers and this paved way intochangingthe history of racing. Indeed, he is a Grand Prix legend and a game changer.

  1. MICK DOOHAN aka The Australian King

He won the MotoGP World champion 5 times and currently  holds 4 world records. He was even placed in the Australian Sports Hall of Fame thrice for all the services he offered in this sport.

However, after retiring, he took interest in the world of aviation. Despite this major turn of events, his heart will always be in the racing world.

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