March 25, 2016

Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Gun Metal / Small
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A good and safe ride need not be too elaborate when you have to choose between a full helmet and a half one. A half helmet could be more than enough. Just like the Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet, primarily designed to guard against the elements on the road. Whether you travel in extremely cold environment or in the hot summer, nothing seems to beat the benefits this Solid Rogue Cruiser could give. Better still, this solidly built motorcycle helmet is precisely made to fit snugly on choosy riders.


Want to cruise the road with your favorite motorcycle and feel the air in your face while you enjoy your ride? But you must wear head protection first before you ride your motorbike; this will give you protection and may even save your life.

Motorcycle helmet is a must when you are to tour the countryside, off for work or you just want to enjoy the ride and feel the breeze of fresh air while cruising. For this matter, the best helmet for you might be the Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet. This helmet by Bell is a combination of a half and ¾ helmet types, so designed to give riders the comfortable experience in every ride.

The Bell Solid Rogue Motorcycle Helmet is basically for adults of riding age, has the look of a half helmet  while it is as comfortable as the open face (also known as “3/4”) helmet.

Almost all the countries in the world require motorbike riders to wear protective headgear (helmet) whether for long or short distance travel. A motorbike helmet has five basic types according to construction, they are: the half helmet, modular or flip-up, off-road or motocross, full face and the open-face or ¾ helmets.

The Solid Rogue Cruiser, Small size and is basically a half helmet but with an addition of a muzzle to protect the face more than ordinary half helmets can. The muzzle provided for the Bell helmet is not just an ordinary one; it is amazingly designed for multi-purpose use not just like any other. To better understand the ergonomic features this motorcycle helmet has, it’s best to read the following information for your guidance.

Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Gun Metal / Small

Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet – Gun Metal / Small

Product Features

1. Product Materials

The Solid Rogue shell is primarily made from lightweight composite material. The shell is tough, durable and corrosion-free so you get to use the helmet practically a lifetime. It could even outlast your motorbike if properly cared for.

2. DOT Approved Product and CAPA Certified

This helmet is approved for used by riders under the auspices by the US DOT (Department of Transportation) conforming to the safety standard set by this department. It is also endorsed by CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) also of the US, for Quality Standard.

3. Muzzle: Adjustable and Removable

The provided muzzle is adjustable and removable and works great from mild cold to freezing weather (also in warmer weather, as you would find later). The muzzle could be adjusted forward or backward from the mouth of the rider. It is also armed with a Fidlock Magnetic Connection so it could easily be detached from the shell with ease, even while running. But it is advisable to decide beforehand if you want to use the muzzle. The interior of this helmet could also be removed and machine washed.

4. Color: Gun Metal

The Solid Rogue Small Motorcycle Helmet comes in Gun Metal finish which is virtually safe along the road as this color does not reflect lights (both sunlight and artificial ones) and consequently will not be a hazard to the incoming vehicle even in high or low lights.

5. Product Dimension

This product’s dimensions are as follows: 16 X 12 X 12 inches. This seems to be bulky for some users, but much of the parts of the Rogue are detachable, it could be easily stored or carried handily wherever they go.

6. Five-year Exclusive Warranty

The manufacturer and its authorized dealers are giving a 5-year exclusive product warranty for parts deemed defective. The terms and conditions could be read in the accompanying users’ manual upon purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for both Hot and Cold Weather: Since the introduction of this Solid Rogue Motorcycle Helmet in the market beginning January 16, 2013, majority of users claimed that this helmet can actually make them more comfortable even when used in extreme cold travel. While in most tropical countries or parts of the United States with warmer weather, the helmet is conducive to warm environment because the muzzle could be detached when air is becoming hotter.
  • Could use Glasses or Goggles Inside: Standard goggles and sunglasses could be integrated with this helmet to fully protect the eyes from the elements.
  • With Integrated Speaker Pockets: The Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser has a provision of a pocket that could be used to put cabled speakers from mobile phones and other similar gadgets.
  • Best for Guarding against the Elements: One of the primary purposes of using this half helmet is to be more comfortable against the elements present along the road, such as moisture accumulating on face shield common among full helmets. The wind noise is more silent while wearing this type of helmet while sounds, such as those from incoming vehicles could be easily heard by the rider.
  • Advisable for Women Riders: Ladies who want to have style and comfort in riding may opt to use this motorcycle helmet which is more convenient for them as it is not rugged as the more masculine full helmet types.


  • Heavy for Some Users: This helmet weighs 16 lbs., slightly heavier than other helmets of this type. But the weight though is not a burden for a determined rider who wants more comfort and convenience compared to other types of helmets of other brands.


The never ending pursuit of Bell in applying various innovative solutions to the changing needs of people of this new generation seems endless. The best example is the Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet, touted to be more innovative when it comes to personal needs. This helmet does not only give the riders the utmost convenience and ease of traveling safely. The shell of this helmet is crafted rom lightweight materials, so is the inner lining. Hazards of road travel in a motorbike are lessening when this helmet is used by both men and women.

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