February 11, 2016

Duke Helmets DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Medium, Matte Black
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Review Summary:

The primary reason why motorcycle riders wear headgears is to avoid loss of life and minimized injuries arising from vehicular accidents, which are the affiliates with riding a motorcycle. The Duke Helmets DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet is made to address these sad events. Considering the strength of impact during crashes or sliding on pavements, the Duke Helmet provides all necessary protection to the rider by cushioning the brunt by its strong but light material shell, padded and lined with the most advanced fabric liner in existence, making it also hypo-allergenic to majority of users. This small piece of cutting-edge engineering is constructed like a space suit in matte black, shiny finished and aerodynamically design to give motorcycle riders the comfort and style. One of the best motorcycle helmets of its kind.


If you want a terrific and futuristic look and style for your motorcycle helmet, but packed with awesome features, you may opt for Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, in matte black. The ruggedly handsome construction of DK-120 is typically seen in Hollywood movies in the sci-fi genre. It comes in shiny black and mimics the contour of a space suit’s headgear.

Motorcycle helmet is a must for motorbike riders as it cushions the user’s head from impact in case of a collision, sliding and other vehicular accidents associated with motorbike riding while on the road. Helmets are made to protect not only the head but also the spinal column in many instances as various studies in the past have proven. It also protects the rider from possible penetration of pointed objects that may pierce the skull.

Helmet does not only protect the rider from injuries, but also from the worst: that is, death. That is why Duke Helmets, one of the world’s leading helmet makers design theirs according to the needs of motorbike enthusiasts. The DK-120, a full face motorcycle helmet is highly-popular among motorcyclists because of its ability to be distorted during a crash which could have been destined for the wearer’s skull.

On this matter, this helmet is not only fashionable, strong and durable but also safer for the rider. The impact of a collision may render devastating effect to the rider, but it could be prevented by wearing the best motorcycle helmet ever designed. And Duke’s DK-120, which comes in matte black, is one of those. Find more about this out-of-this-world product (medium size) and learn more about its versatility:

Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Medium, Matte Black

Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Medium, Matte Black

Product Features

1. DOT, FMVSS-218 and CAPA Certified

This helmet is certified by the United States’ DOT( Department of Transportation) as approved for use by riders in all kinds of road, where it exceeds the requirements for motorcycle helmets safety standards; it is likewise sanctioned by the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, also in the US). The DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is bearing the Quality seal of CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) also approved by the DOT.

2. 7-Spot Ventilation

This helmet is a full-face design so it covers the entire head of the rider. To minimize the hotness inside the shell of the helmet, the manufacturer installed 7-key points on where air will enter and exits. Vents are located in the chin, forehead and the rear sides of the headgear, where fresh air is circulated through these vents. The possibility of adhering moisture to the head and hair is eliminated. The liner could be removed for washing and it is certified hypoallergenic material including the nylon cheek pads.

3. Aerodynamic Shell Design

Just like space suits, this product’s shell is aerodynamically shaped to deflect air velocity so as to reduce air drag making travel smooth and comfortable. The shell is made from advanced composite poly-alloy that is lightweight but very tough and durable. The weight of this motorcycle helmet is not a burden to the wearer even in long distance travel, as it is so light, there is no possibility of giving the neck unbearable ache.

4. Comes with Clear and Tinted Visors and Soft Chin Strap

The product is equipped with a soft and durable chin strap that is soft and smooth to the skin. The face shield has two (clear and tinted) sun visors where they can be deployed easily and quickly depending on needs. The swiveling sun screens could be quickly released even when running along the road to protect the eyes from the imminent danger posed by UV rays and other hazards it may pose while the rider could has easy access to the face. The chin strap also has a quick-release mechanism making it much convenient to the rider to adjust its tension (for a snug fit) and avoid grasping for it while driving.

Pros & Cons


  • Provided with a Cloth Carrying Bag: To easily carry the helmet whenever you go, except when riding your motorbike, you could carry the helmet in your hand because it comes with a handy cloth carrying bag.
  • Full-face Coverage Offers More Protection: Recent studies have shown that the more the coverage of the head in helmets, the more likely it protects the rider from impact.
  • Priced Affordably: Unlike other similar designed motorcycle helmets, the Duke’s DK-120 is cheaper while this product even surpassed the seemingly endless features other more expensive brands failed to provide.


  • Black Helmets Offer less Visibility: Black helmets are more popular among riders; however, the color is less visible from motorists at night. Some experts claimed though, that dark colored helmets do not make one susceptible to vehicular accidents.


The much touted streamlined Duke Helmets DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet is well above the rest, really. While it offers some of the best features, including the much lower price compared to the more expensive competitors, this helmet is the design of the future available today. The versatility of this Duke helmet for motorcycle riders include its ability to maintain dryness of the user’s head because of multiple vents installed on it. The fabric and pads used are anti-bacterial and removable for washing. The toughness of its poly-alloy face shield is proven effective in saving lives. Well-done, Duke!

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