January 28, 2016

HJC IS-33 Helmets Review

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet
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While some of the new generation helmets for motorcycle are appearing more futuristic, they are becoming flawed in design in the primary essence of wearing this type of headgear: for safety. Unlike those poorly designed motorcycle helmets of today, the HJC IS-33 Helmets (Light Silver, X-Large) are typically designed to mimic the contour of the riders’ head and face creating an aerodynamically anti-drag headgear making it the safest to use. The materials of this futuristic helmet are high-quality and engineered to almost perfection whereby the utmost safety and convenience of riders are the primary intent.


Motorcycle helmets can save lives. This protective headgear is used by motorcycle riders. The primary reason is to protect the riders’ head during collision, impact and sliding from a running motorcycle. Helmets reduce or prevent head injuries from these accidents, thus saving the life of a rider. However, some motorcycle helmets are just made to protect the head in light accidents while some are designed to withstand the most serious vehicular ones.

One of the best examples of the latter is the HJC IS-33 Helmets, which is a US government-approved (by the Department of Transportation- DOT) product for use in motorcycles. This product also bears the Quality Seal by CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association), also sanctioned by the US’s DOT. Some other products of this type are not authorized by the department primarily due to flawed design.

Motorcycle riders are at high risk during traffic crashes, they are the ones who suffer most of the brunt of slippery and wet roads and other traffic related incidences. Riding in a two-wheel vehicle is convenient but minor mistakes could result to multiple head or body injuries or worst, even death. HJC Helmets, one of the finest makers of motorcycle helmets knows these facts and they are designing their stuff the way it should be.

The IS-33 in light silver and sized X-Large is best known for motorcycle enthusiasts as one of the best brands in the market while industry analysts agreed. Find out how this typical, but cutting-edge product rules the highways. Read on!

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

Product Features

1. Product Materials and Functionality

The IS-33 is made from durable and highly advanced polycarbonate composite casing (shell) that is DOT-approved. This metallic finished headgear is stylish and yet functions very well because it is CAD (computer-aided design) makes more comfortable to wear and fits almost all head sizes. The superior fit not only gives you comfort and style, it is also much safer to travel with your mind relaxed thinking that your headgear will protect you from possible harm.

2. Accusight Anti-fog Face Shield

This 3D design motorcycle helmet is superior to most advanced headgears of other brands. It practically protects the wearer from 95% of the Ultra Violet (UV) rays while it is painted with an anti-scratch coating unlike other items. The Accusight anti-fog face shield also allows the rider to avoid moisture in and out of the protective shield, thus visibility is still high even in foggy environment. Its One-touch spring-loaded mixed sunshield (3-stage, smoke-tinted and readily adjustable) could be easily and quickly moved with just a single touch.

3. Lightweight

The HJC Helmet is relatively light at just 4.2 lbs. the head will really feel comfortable even in heavy traffic situations and prolonged journey on your motorbike. As it is designed as lighter as possible, the helmet though is proven impact absorbing which eliminates the possibility of head injury. The helmet is protected by the lightweight EPS (Expanded Polystyrene, one of the most used kinds of foam in the industry) liner which aid in reducing the impact.

4. SilverCool Interior (Removable and Washable)

The interior of the helmet is made from SilverCool anti-bacterial fabric that does not moist and basically odor-free even when used under extremely hot environment. It has a smartly designed ventilation system providing good air-flow using ACVS (Advance Channeling Ventilation System). The multiple-stage ventilating system where air flows through the intake to the exhaust vents making a front and back circulation of fresh air. This makes humidity, heat and odor out. Additionally, this SilverCool fabric could be removed for washing.

5. Provided with Strap Protection System

This motorcycle helmet is provided with a nylon strap that covers and secures the chin neatly. The strap is virtually non-slip even in high-speed, you are very well sure that the helmet will not fall-off your head.

Pros & Cons


  • No Need to Wear Shades: While some similar helmets need a pair of shades under the helmet to protect the eyes from the glaring sunlight, this helmet is already equipped with a retractable sun visor. You save tremendously from buying another item.
  • Has a QuickSlide Shield: This useful shield replacement system allows for a speedy, secure and tool-less removal of the slide, which very convenient for users.
  • No Optical Illusion: The face shield of the IS-33 is optically error-free so you see images within your path as they appear through the protective shield.
  • Wide Clear View: This helmet is constructed in such a way that you could see within a large eye port for clearer visibility.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The shell is designed aerodynamically to expel wind velocity as you cruise even in high-speed. Air flows through your face in minimal resistance so you travel smoothly.


  • Chin Strap Varies from Illustrations: The chin strap of this brand sometimes differ from images provided by Amazon as its pictures show buckles as the chin strap, however, this model frequently comes with a D-ring type strap to secure it from the wearer.


Primarily designed to save lives, the HJC IS-33 Helmets (Light Silver, X-Large) boasts of incredibly worthwhile features that brings safety, joy and comfort to satisfied riders. This motorcycle helmet is basically engineered to give riders the comfort, style and durability they are looking for in a headgear. Its ergonomic design and features, such as the ability for the rider’s head to stay dry even in long distance journey and under the heat of summer. The rider stays cool all the time. The most important part is the safety features it offers where users are guaranteed safe from impact as it is made from more advanced technology EPS liner on its interior, reinforced with SilverCool fabric. A really tough one to beat!

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