February 21, 2016

How to Navigate on Gravel Road

Motorcycling can both be fun and risky. People will look at you as the man on the road because you look confident and great on your motorcycle. What these people don’t know is that you also have some necessary precautions to take as you drive your motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle can take you anywhere. It can take you to places which cannot be reached by a public utility vehicle, a private vehicle, a bus or a van. It can travel a narrow road or path. It can also travel a smooth concrete road or a rough road.

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Concretes and Gravels

Motorcycling through a smooth, concrete road is really great. On the other hand, motorcycling on a gravel road  does not only give a possibility of damaging your motorcycle but also endangering your safety. If you can find another path to avoid the gravel road, then you must take it. However, if you have no other option, you just have to try your best to make your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible.

A gravel road will be bumpy; there are rocks, stones and gravel everywhere. Rocks and pebbles and the rough surface will interfere with the way you drive and handle your motorcycle. This can give you difficulty in driving, especially if you have just started to drive a motorcycle. You can also stay positive and look at the ride as an adventure. What is important is for you to be in control and be always on the lookout of the road ahead.

The Right Motorcycle

One important thing to consider in driving a motorcycle is its overall features. Some motorcycles are not made for heavy duty travel and can only go on on concrete roads or pavements. There are also motorcycles for heavy duty purposes and can travel on gravel roads or rough roads. If you decide to take the road less taken, be sure to have the later one.

Staying alive

motorcycle on gravelroadPhoto source: http://motorbiketoursinvietnam.com

Many motorcycle riders have their own share of fun and adventure in riding on a rough gravel road. They have shared their experiences, both good and bad, so that other motorcycle riders will know how to handle similar situations. Some riders have also given tips and advices in riding on a gravel road. These tips include:

  • Do not step on the brake and do not be in a hurry to swerve fast or quickly.
  • Be used to wheel wobbling; it’s normal. If you get nervous everytime your motorcycle wobbles, you’ll cause more harm to yourself.
  • Don’t grip the handlebars too tight; just relax as you grip the handlebars.
  • Be slow and steady. It is better that you tread on the path carefully in order to avoid making the wrong turn.
  • Keep moving and maintain your speed. Do not make quick change in your speed as this will make the drive harder.
  • Try to look for a road where the gravel is very thick or dense. Your best escape from the bad road is to look for a finer surface and try to move your motorcycle towards it.
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles. It is hard enough to navigate around the road alone. When there are other vehicles around, be sure that you are not too near each other so that if one of you encounter an accident, the other won’t be brought into it.
  • If you really have to brake, do it slowly and avoid using the front brake. Use the rear brake.
  • Just keep cool and patient. Being cool will make you in control and can help you enjoy your ride on the rough and stony road. If you’re cool and relaxed, you can drive properly. You can see clearly what lies ahead. You will also be able to spot the part of the gravel road that is less bumpy immediately.
  • In making turns, make your arcs wider. This gives you an allowance in case you encounter a dangerous slip.

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