February 11, 2016

How to Put Adventure In A Motorcycle Ride

“Motorcycles are a sure fire way to get you killed” is what most people would tell you when you express any consideration for getting one. They would most probably start going into detail about specific incidents of some far off relative or acquaintance who was involved in a motorcycle accident. You might even experience someone begging you to not get a motorcycle. The risks involved in riding a motorcycle are usually the first thing that comes to mind for someone who does not ride one. These people usually do not consider anything beyond this. To the riders, however, there are a multitude of reasons to keep on riding despite the risks involved. For a lot of the motorcycle riders, it all revolves around the thrill of the adventure.

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Look at Things in A New Light

For those who are new to riding, the adventure is in purchasing your own motorcycle and developing the proficiency in driving it. The continued use of your bike will allow you to slowly learn everything about it. Start by riding it around town and you will be surprised by how new everything seems. The roads you’ve known for years would give you a thrill to ride on. Those alleyways between buildings that you used to just pass by on a car is now open for you to cut through. Your normal route to work would seem like such a hassle to go through now that you have so much more options. Your small frame means you cut easily cut through traffic and reach your destination much faster – not that you would want to.

Treat each ride like an adventure and see everything from a newer perspective. Take the longer road and open yourself up to new sights and sounds.  There isn’t anything in the world like the feeling of discovering something new and for a motorcycle rider, everything is uncharted territory.

Go on a Long Trip

Another way of going on an adventure is by going out of the city and going on a long distance ride. Go on a cross country trip. See every state, town, and views that your nation has to offer. Riding cross country on a motorcycle will open up your eyes to how much larger your country is than you initially thought. You can even camp out and discover how it is to sleep under the untainted night sky.

You will definitely meet people on your trip and they just might consider riding with you on your trip. If you start your day early enough you might even catch the first light of day and watch the world around you wake up. Whether you choose to take a cross country trip alone or accompanied by your fellow riders, your best friend on this trip would be your bike as you would spend most of your time on the road.

motorcycle adventurePhoto Source: https://rideapart.com

Join a Riding Club

Many people also find adventure and excitement in joining traditional motorcycle clubs or riding clubs. These are organizations where like-minded individuals ride together. Riding clubs often have a structured organization and are usually made up of members who share a common interest. Riding clubs are generally made purely for the sake of riding together as a group. A traditional motorcycle club is the same as a riding club in the sense that it too has a structured organization, albeit more strict. These are the clubs which are commonly seen in media. They often wear leather jackets or vests with the club patches sewn into it. They have elected officials and have members voted into the group.

Whichever kind of club a rider opts to try and join, both offers a very different type of adventure compared to riding alone. These are clubs that often treat each other as family and will definitely be there for you in aspects of your life even outside riding a motorcycle. They bond with each other over time and they earn their place within their club. This isn’t something that can be achieved by just riding together.

The most important thing in finding your own motorcycle adventure is to take your time and enjoy everything that will surround you. Riding a motorcycle gives you a certain type of freedom that can’t be gained anywhere else. Do not get tempted to break the speed limits and just enjoy the ride. You wouldn’t want to give those naysayers another reason to dislike motorcycles.

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