March 28, 2016

How to Survive Long Distance Trip in A Motorcycle

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Going a long distance trip with your motorcycle is one of the best experiences that you can have in your life. You will be encountering a lot during your adventure, and it’s going to be totally worth it, especially if you see some countryside with fresh air flowing around. To a lot of motorbike riders out there, long distance trips are truly exciting. However, before you experience all that fun, you must know some important tips when it comes to taking long trips using your motorcycle.
For you to survive this adventure, you need to prepare some things, as well as follow some important tips. Once you do, you will be able to fully enjoy your long distance trip with your trusted motorcycle.

Get the Best Suit

In order for you to get physical protection while on the way, be sure to go for the best motorcycle suit that you can get. There will be instances where it will snowy or rainy in the place you travel. Choosing a jacket that’s waterproof will be the best choice. You also need to check if it’s a type of suit that can help you get protected from the cold as well – which is very important if you’re planning to ride during the evening. Same also goes for pants so that your underwear won’t get wet. Here are some excellent suits
for the road.

Check your Motorcycle

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You must always check the current condition of your vehicle before you start bringing them to the road, and even as you plan out your road trip. Just like an athlete going to a big event, one must make sure that their vehicle is well conditioned for the trip. If there is any part that might get broken along the way, then be sure to double-check it and get it repaired. Surely, you know the current condition of your motorbike, specifically those that needs repair. Do a diagnosis on your bike.

Prepare Your Backpack

A backpack is typically not good for long distance travel as it easily sways with the wind. Instead, go for luggage that can fit on your motorbike. There are some that cost less than $50, and can help you store a lot of valuables and some extra clothes for the following days to come. Only bring the necessary things with you as too much baggage will only slow you down. Finally, be sure to tie and secure your luggage tightly to your motorbike.

Extra Clothes

Extra sets of clothes will always work if you’re going the long way. There will be times where you will find an inn to take a rest, and that means that a bit of change to your outfit is needed. You don’t need various outfits for the day, but rather layers due to the nature of your trip. You need to make sure that you will be choosing the best layering that’s meant for motorcycle ride. You can ask a bike shop for those types of products as well. It will surely help you go the next day, and with a refreshing feeling to continue on your journey once again.

Bring some Snacks

If you ever need to take some stop-over just to eat for a bit, then all you need is to store some snacks on your luggage. A candy bar or maybe some chips and beef jerky can do good. As long as it will totally satisfy your hunger as you travel, then that will be enough for you to have on your journey. Be sure to pack up the right amount for you and your partner (if there’s any).

Enjoy the Ride!

In road trips, you don’t have to worry too much along the way if there is danger on the road. . All you need to do is to simply enjoy the trip in order for you to complete the journey. You need to feel the enjoyment of the long distance trip.

Long distance trips are truly enjoyable, but it will never be if you impulsively start the trip. You need to follow these tips first before you start on going to one so that you’re fully prepared to take the challenge.

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