February 13, 2016

Making a Pack Mule With Your Motorcycle

Are you super excited to go on your ultimate long distance motorcycle adventure trip? As you prepare for your much awaited adventure on the road, one of the first things you would probably realize is that one saddle bag would not be enough. It is always best to pack light but as well all know, this is not the easiest thing to do.  If your trip is long distance, in reality, you might really need to pack more than just a saddle bag even if you’re not travelling with a riding partner. 

One saddle bag can carry more or less a few t-shirts, socks, gloves, underwear, a pair or two of jeans, toiletries, medicines, a rain coat, heated jacket, gloves, maps, and other necessities.  However, many other things may be considered as necessity to you. For long distance trips, one must always bring with him his mobile phone, portable charger, sun glasses, a pair of extra shoes, swimming attire, sweaters, camera, several extra clothes, and a first aid kid.  Plus, you can add more things as you go on packing.

If you love to go on long distance trips with your motorcycle but have a hard time packing light then read some suggestions on how you may able to bring everything with you and transform your motorcycle into a pack mule.

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Invest on an Excellent Saddle Bag

The best thing you can do is to buy the best saddle bag out there.  This will be pricey but it will be a really good investment especially if you do tours with your motorcycle often.  Buy a saddle bag that is compact and sturdy but at the same time can fit a lot of things.  Choose something that has several compartments and can accommodate things in different sizes. It’s best if it comes with a water resistant cover so you do not have to worry about getting your things wet once it starts raining. A good saddle bag also has a good amount of rings where you can strap on or attach other things that does not need to be kept inside the bag. Moreover, it needs to be lightweight.  Some people do not consider the weight of the saddle bag, but it is crucial to have a lightweight bag.  It would be easier for you to carry it around and it won’t add too much weight to your motorcycle.

Increase Tire Air Pressure

Remember that with the added luggage, your motorcycle is carrying a heavier load than usual.  Thus, you must increase the air pressure of your tire to ensure that the weight of the bike and the cargo are properly supported all throughout the duration of your trip.  Depending on how long your trip is, you might need to check air pressure in your tires more than once.  If you do not have enough air pressure in your tires, it might cause it to overly heat up and disintegrate.  Now I am pretty sure that you do not want that to happen in the middle of your cruise.

Bring a Fanny Pack or a Waist Bag

It best if you keep small items in a fanny pack or a waist bag to increase more space in your saddle bag.  Things such as your mobile phone, charger, IDs, money, credit cards, camera, maps, and sun glasses are some of the things that would fit a fanny pack or a waist bag.  Putting them in a separate compartment won’t only increase space in your saddle bag but will also make it easier for you to get a hold of these small essential things that is crucial to have with you all the time.

motorcycle pack mulePhoto Source: http://www.onewheeldrive.net

 Secure Your Luggage

It is better safe than sorry.  Even if you have a sturdy and reliable saddlebag it is still best if you add more straps to keep it secure. So even if you do rapid turns or get in a middle of a rough weather, your bag won’t go missing on you.  To make things easier, invest on bungee straps. It is best if you will not buy cheap bungee straps that wear out immediately for long term use.

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