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May 6, 2016

Motorcycle Gear Guide: The Essential Gears for being a Rider First Time of your Life

Choosing the rights gears is as important as getting your first motorcycle. Many put too much emphasis on selecting the right bike brand such as focusing on horse power, seat materials, price of bikes and availability of spare parts and maintenance services. Many beginners neglect an important fact that when buying a motorcycle, you also need to consider the essential accessories that will complete your biking journey.

This article serves as a guide in helping you to make an informed buying decision. The main reason for having good gears is to protect you from serious injuries, and it is by law to at least protect yourself by wearing a helmet, unless you want to risk getting a fine.

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1. Helmet

The first all-important gear is the helmet. Helmet is a head gear which protects you skull and inner parts of your brain from heavy impact against the concrete floor or tar road. It is required by state laws for all bikers to put on their helmet at all times whenever they are on the road.

Helmet comes in different categories as well. There is the full face helmet, which covers the whole head and offers highest level of protection as all possible impact from all directions will be blocked by the helmet. Next on the list is open face helmet which serve as a good head protector but your front face will be fully exposed and there is a risk of injury should you fall right on your front face.  There are also half helmets which are not recommended due to the least protection offered but if you are on a tight budget, this helmet is still acceptable on the roads.

Helmets require official certification from manufacturers for quality assurance. DOT certified helmets can withstand impacts from falls as high up as 6 foot while SNELL certified helmets can withstand greater impacts from falls as high up as 10 foot. Another international certification is the ECE R22-05. It is approved by many international countries and widely accepted in competitive motorcycle racing events. It has a rigorous standard for testing and ensures helmet users get the highest level of protection.  A good helmet is very important and beginner biker should consider spending a higher amount on getting a good helmet.

2. Jacket

The second important piece of gear is the jacket. Jacket protects you from impact as well as abrasion resistance to your upper body area from shoulder joints to your upper abdomen. Leather jacket gives the highest level of protection, followed by textile and mesh giving the least protective. While leather is sturdy and very protective, prices can be a little expensive with high quality jackets going for at least $200 per piece. Leather jacket is also not very suitable for hot weather conditions.

The next option would be textile jackets. It uses artificial materials which has better ventilation and at a lower price. The final option is mesh jacket.  It is the best for extreme hot weather conditions although one must note that mesh jackets give the least amount of protection compared to leather and textile jackets.

Leather jackets also may come with chest and back protectors for higher protection levels without sacrificing comfort. With a proper jacket, your body can withstand wind, rain and dry weather conditions.

3. Gloves

The third important piece of gear is the gloves. You would be using your hands all the time to steer your bike and your hand would constantly come in contact with the motorcycle handle. Hence it is important to have good protection for your palm and hands to prevent serious abrasion and injuries.

When choosing the right gloves, ensure that they come with knuckle guard to protect from flying debris. Plastic is the recommended material for knuckle guard as it does not shatter easily in to small little pieces which could hurt your knuckles. Good pair of gloves also comes with good ventilation to prevent excessive sweating on your palm which may force you to lose grip over the handle.

4. Armored Underwear & Pants

The next important gear is the armored underwear. They are specially designed to protect your hips and thighs. You want to ensure your hip does not seriously damaged as replacing your hip is a very costly affair. It is wiser to spend on getting armored underwear.

Closely related to the armored underwear are the armored pants which all riders should get. Armored pants are essential for knee and ankle protection. Riders can consider getting knee guards as well for additional protection. However you have to sacrifice a bit of comfort in addition to wearing armored pants. As in the name it protects your knees but can be useful in protecting you upper and lower shins as well.

5. Riding Shoes or Boots

The final piece of gear that is as useful and important as the helmet is the riding shoes or boots. Your feet will be in constant contact with the bike pedals surface and ground movement. Hence, it is highly recommended to spend more on high quality boots for maximum protection to your foot an ankle.

A good pair of boots is one that has the right height. Boots should come up over to the ankle and stable construction for maximum support. Boots should also come with the right sole for better grip. You must ensure the soles are resistant to oil. This will ensure that you are firmly planted on the ground when walking on wet road conditions.

Many stores offer all the motorcycle gears you need. Buying different items altogether can save you a ton of money due to special promotions and bulk buying. Do not attempt to ride your motorcycle before getting the above mentioned gears.

Getting the complete set of gears ensure a safe ride to yourself and other riders out there. Getting good set of gears can minimize the potential medical costs should you be unfortunate to land into an accident. Safety is the first priority that every biker should heed and motorcycle gears can help prevent unnecessary injuries to the rider.

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