March 31, 2016

Ride Safely: Basic Tips You Need to Follow

In the 21st century, human race has entered the era of the innovative industry and technology. They started making machines for their comfort. For the traveling, there are already high speed iron bikes which begin to cross the limits of speed. However, with great speed come accidents.

Every day, a lot of motorists face accidents; some of them even causing fatal injuries and death. Most of these accidents happen to motorcycle drivers. Therefore, rules and regulations are formed by the governments of different countries for the safety of the people and for smoother traffic.

Tips in choosing your motorbike and other equipment

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  • Always use helmets approved by the country’s government. Studies have proven that 40% of the fatal head and brain injury can be avoided by wearing the helmets.
  • Choose the motorbike than you can easily handle and be in control with while on the roads. It’s better to use 250-300 cc for the street and roads while 500-750cc for the highways so you can easily navigate around SUVs and trucks.
  • Choose the motorbike with the ABS and EBS braking system. These are of high quality and will guarantee you a safer ride.
  • Wear tight clothes and leather jackets on a motorbike ride so that you can face minimum fraction against the wind. This way, you get better control and stability on the bike.
  • Try to protect your feet by wearing a biker’s shoes so you will not slip or have major feet injuries in case of accidents.

Tips in riding the motorcycle

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  • Be sure to have the right skills in  operating your motorcycle. Join driving classes so that you could learn the basic functions of the parts of the vehicle and the way they can be operated. If you are not yet confident to go on a real ride on the road, refrain yourself from doing so. However, if you opt to practice in real roads, pick one that has light traffic and bring a travel buddy with you.
  • Keep enough distance between you and other vehicles. With a motorbike, you can easily over take. However, make sure you look at the vehicle in front and behind you first. Miscalculation can be the cause of your accident. Do not try to overtake if there is too little time and space.
  • Keep your eye on the track and ears on the sound of the upcoming vehicles. Always be wary of what’s around you. Because you’re riding a motorcycle, some motorists will find it hard to notice you. It is then your responsibility to notice them.
  • Look at road signs and follow them. Not following the rules of the road, including traffic signals, will only lead to an unfortunate event.
  • Try to avoid the driving in bad weather conditions. Going on a ride in the rain has greater chances of leading to an accident than on a sunny day, when the road is not wet and slippery. If you need to ride in bad weather, take extra precaution.
  • Be wary of people and animals crossing the road. You may see some of them crossing the street from nowhere. Therefore, you must be prepared to hit your brakes.
  • Drive within the limits issued by the motorway/highway authorities. Drive within the speed limit and keep the bike in your own line.

Tips in checking the motorbike

  • Always check your motorbike before any ride. Examine the fuel, air pressure of the tires, lights and other basic parts of the motorbike.
  • Check your brakes if they’re still in good condition.
  • Be sure that you have enough mobile oil so you will not experience stopping in the middle of the road.
  • Tune your motorcycle beforehand so that when you’re already driving, you will not experience unexpected problems.

Tips regarding your state of mind and body

  • Do not push yourself and your bike to your limits. It’s better to be safe than sorry in the end.
  • Concentrate and have presence of mind while driving. If you easily get distracted, then there is a bid chance that you will not notice vehicles coming towards you.
  • Do not drive drunk or being emotionally unstable.
  • Be well rested and sleep before going for any long ride or tour.
  • Keep your body hydrated by water or other fluids.

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