March 13, 2016

Top Bike Techs To Look Forward in 2016

This 2016, we are expecting to see a lot of cool technology changes for motorbikes. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, then you should definitely keep track of what has been going on since last year to this year.

Electric Bikes

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Since last year, we have been introduced to brand new electric type vehicles because of the environmental friendly vehicle movement. We were introduced to battery operated buggies, electric vans, and also the hybrid cars that make use of both electricity powered from the car batteries and natural gas. Now, we are also seeing the production of the electric bike as well. Although majority of the big bike manufacturers have still not announced their plans for this endeavor, a Milan motorcycle convention showcased a brand new electric bike called the Emplulse TT which was created by Victory Motorcycles.

Low Capacity Motorcycle Engines

 Since the end of the year 2015, many motorcycle manufacturers have been concentrating their efforts in making low capacity motorcycle engines so that riders can save up on fuel. These low capacity engines happen to be good for the environment as well since bikes with this kind of system will not use up too much petroleum. These kinds of bikes are great for people who ride around a lot and hate having to spend extra on gas. Not only are these low capacity engines fuel efficient, but they are also very powerful engines that are great for riders who like to go fast. This 2016, we are expecting to see a brand new low capacity engine motorcycle model from BMW. This is the all new BMW G 3010 R which is expected to be not only a big hit in the Western market but even in the Eastern market.

 Ability to Connect to the Smartphone

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 If cars can connect to smartphones, then why not bikes too? Motorbike manufacturers are now looking into the possibility of letting a user control some bike functions using his smartphone. The smartphone can be connected to the bike via Bluetooth connection. One example of a superbike with smartphone or android connectivity is the Yamaha R1. We also have a computer system created by the Piaggio Group that allows riders to gather information on roads or record data about places.

Apps for Motorbike Riders

Since we are in the age of mobile applications, then just about everything can be turned into an app. One of the most unique apps that are great for motorcycle riders is the My Garage app created by Yamaha. This app allows its users to actually order motorcycles online. The My Garage app will first let you customize your ideal bike then allows you to order it.

We also have GPS tracker apps like Rever. Rever is an app that shows you your location on an actual map. Rever can also show you other bike riders who are also on the app just in case you want to ride with someone. With Rever, you can actually ride with friends while you are on the road. Just imagine a Waze type app that is specially made for bikers.

Forced Induction Engines

Usually, only cars would make use of forced induction engines. If you don’t know what a forced induction system is, it is basically a system that pumps extra air pressure into the engine thus powering it further. Cars usually need this kind of power because of their weight. Imagine what would happen if you have this kind of power inside a motorbike. The bike would be turned into a really fast and powerful superbike! A superbike that has a forced induction system will be one of the trends that will come out this 2016 especially with bike racing as a big thing these days.

For many years, motorcycle enthusiasts have been revamping and customizing their bikes to make them faster, more powerful, and simply cooler. Because of this, motorcycle manufacturers have also made a lot of modifications on their products to cater to the motorcycle riders out there. We’re expecting that these trends will definitely make it big the world market this year.

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