July 8, 2016

9 Types of Motorcycle You Should Know

There is a host of different types of motorcycles that are on the road each and every day. Each one has its own unique riding style and personality. It is important to know each type of motorcycle so that you can make informed decisions about riding them and their uses, purchasing them, or sharpening up your motorcycle knowledge.

There are over 9 different types of motorcycles that are either off-road or on-road at any given time. The following ones we’ll be covering are Standard, Cruiser, Sport Bike, Touring, Sport Touring, Dual-Sport, Scooters/Mopeds, Off-road, and Tricycles. Each category has sub-categories within them, so we’ll briefly talk about those as well.

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Standard motorcycles are the breed of bikes that have the eco-friendly commuter that is advertised quite heavily. These are the bikes that have cheaper running costs, better fuel economy, more affordable pricing, and are practical bikes. These bikes are also referred to as naked because producers tend to forego some of the more expensive extra features that sportier bikes tend to have such as improved suspension, brakes, or more powerful engines.


The motorcycle type known as a Cruiser is one of the bike styles that you’ll see most on the road with your daily commutes. These are the bikes that have the classic rebellious biker look. These bikes are enshrined in the rebel culture that goes along with the leather jackets and sunglasses. These heavier set bikes force the rider to sit in a seated position with their legs out in front of them. These bikes forgo power or technology for a laid-back style of riding and exude confidence.

The seating position that riders use with cruisers helps to straighten the spine and are more comfortable than most other styles of riding. These bikes have limited cornering ability when compared to sportier options on our list. Some sub-categories for cruisers are both choppers and power cruisers. Choppers are cut-down bikes that have the custom look and feel that has been modified to fit the rider’s personality. In contrast, power cruisers are beefed up cruisers for riders looking for that extra bit of power that a traditional cruiser doesn’t offer.

Sport Bike

The sport bike category is loaded with machines that can operate at race-like handling. These powerful machines offer riders the opportunity to go to the track with high-performance, or impress individuals with their speed and power on the main roads. Most of the typical sport bikes are very affordable and often cater to a younger crowd looking to push the boundaries and seek thrills at high speeds.

These bikes highlight acceleration, braking, handling,l and grip on paved roads. In comparison to the previous types of motorcycles on our list, these bikes sacrifice fuel economy for power. They are much more lightweight than other types of motorcycles on the road to increase handling.


Touring bikes are the ones that look like they could also be a mini automobile on the road. These bikes have all the bells and whistles you can add to a motorcycle, both literally and figuratively. These bikes offer comfort and luxury that comes with both a heavy price tag and weight. These bikes will allow both the rider and passenger to sit back, turn on the radio station with speakers, and have enough power to get from one location to another.

These bikes offer enough features to make long cruising adventures enjoyable with things like improved suspension, heated grips, and communication systems. These bikes also come with excessive luggage room and a larger windscreen that encourages long trips.

Sport Touring

Sport touring motorcycles take features from both sport bikes and touring bikes and combine them into one category. The riding posture is less aggressive when compared to a sport bike, and can corner better than traditional touring bikes. The styling is sportier than traditional touring bikes as well, might not offer as many additional features as the touring bikes.These bikes blend capability and comfort without having to sacrifice too many extra features. These bikes typically come with a smaller windscreen and higher seating position than touring bikes.


Ever wanted to pop the curb and cut through a small forest to get to the closest road on the other side? Well, the dual-sport is the bike that can handle such a task. Dual-Sport bikes take advantage of their lightweight frame and unique handling capabilities to tackle some of the nastiest things nature will send your way. You can ride on the trails or rip it up on the pavement. Dual-Sports are easier to work on than most other bikes in our categories, as their engine compartment is much more open than some of the others.

Dual-Sports have a raised suspension to get over some of the rocks and debris associated with off-road riding. As such, this type of motorcycle will require that riders are slightly taller to swing their leg over the seat. These bikes typically sacrifice power and comfort to create a motorcycle that can handle both the elements and uneven terrain.


Scooters and mopeds typically run with smaller engines and frames than a typical motorcycle on the road and are much more affordable. They have smaller wheels, engines, swing arms, and are often used as a strict commuter bike. Whether it's bopping around the city, driving to and from work, or just going down to the local store and back, these are quick “hop on and go” cycles. This type of motorcycle has a small and lightweight frame that will lean to the inexperienced rider as a first time bike to start on.


Off-Road motorcycles are similar to the dual-sport bikes we covered earlier. These bikes do not have any street capabilities and are to be used exclusively off-road riding. This type of motorcycle features unique knobby tires designed to grab terrain, long suspensions, and lightweight frames. Just like the Dual-Sports, these bikes require a taller rider to operate, as their long suspensions lift the bike off the ground at some of the highest seat heights on the market.


The last type of motorcycle on our list is the tricycle. These bikes are typically new when compared to the other categories on our list, and have three wheels instead of the typical two. These bikes offer greater stability and require less handling capabilities than their two-wheel counterparts. These bikes are able to negotiate turns and quick braking much better.


Each bike type of motorcycle has its own unique features and personality that showcases different riding styles, power, comfort, and handling. Knowing the features and highlights of each type of motorcycle will enable more informed decisions when on the road.

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